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Residential Fiber 600/300Mbps

14,00 *month
  • FOR 3 MONTHS (*after 38€)

Residential Pack 600/300Mbps

29,95 *month
  • FOR 3 MONTHS (* after 47,95€)
  • + 20GB mobile and unlimited calls
  • + Landline

Residential Pack 600/300Mbps

24,00 *month
  • FOR 3 MONTHS (*after 42€)
  • + 20GB mobile and unlimited calls

Why choose FIBRA IDETSA?

  • Because behind the customer service line you will find people and not machines
  • Because we only call you for things that matter to you, such as the price.
  • Because you always have a PERSON to assist you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Because registration and installation are FREE
  • Because we work in the municipality and for the municipality
  • Because the speed you are hiring with us is real
  • Because we make your problems ours and try to give you a quick and efficient solution
  • Because we are a municipal company offering a close and reliable service